Make knitting/crochet Pattern using Pixelz Software

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FlowersHello! Today I am going to show you how you can simply create knitting or crochet pattern using my software called Pixelz. The idea for creating such program popped into my mind few years ago while I was drawing some shapes for a tapestry crochet project. I was thinking how cool would it be to have a software in which I could draw by simply clicking the squares – that would sure make things easier! Fortunately, my BF is a programmer  and he was very happy to execute this idea 🙂 Recently I was using it for my new project (which will hopefully be the subject of my next blog post) and noticed that some crucial things are missing so we furnished it a bit. Now it’s ready to be used for creating all sorts of crazy patterns 😛

Like its name suggests, Pixelz  is basically a canvas grid which can be filled with the selected color and every square counts as one stitch. You can also work in multiple tabs, create your own color palettes, save the sketch as image and use a system of coordinates which can navigate you through the rows and stitch numbers. For this tutorial I’ve created  a pixelated t-rex just to show you how Pixelz can be used. If you like what you see, no worries – I’ll share the link from which you can download it and use it for your projects, for free 🙂

  1. This is the basic interface of Pixelz. It’s a starting point from where you create new file and where you can always return in case you forget controls 🙂1
  2. After clicking ‘Create new’ you are able to choose the canvas size. If you later happen to run out of space, you can simply change the size through the ‘Edit’ menu.2
  3. Now it’s drawing time! I’ve made a sample t-rex simply using four previously mentioned controls. While drawing, you can put all of the colors you are using for the drawing into a custom color palette by clicking the + button (next to palett button). That way you don’t get confused about which shade you have used and you keep track of work. Palette colors are shown on the left. Btw, you can use multiple tabs!3
  4. Having a drawing tool for knitting and crochet is cool but it can get tricky when you are drawing a big project and you need something to keep track of your rows and stitch numbers. That is why Pixelz has a system of coordinates. By holding alt and clicking on wanted square, it’s coordinate shows up. In this picture I wanted to find out position of the top left square. That is 16:6 – counting from left its position is 16th stitch in 6th row.4
  5. And the last feature, you can save your work as an image so you can print it out, or save on a device 🙂 Just click on file-> export.6

That would be all from me and this quick tutorial. Let me know if you have some questions in the comments bellow. Software can be downloaded from this link. When or if you use it for creating patterns, I would love to hear your impressions. Suggestions and bug reports are most welcome! 🙂 And hey, you can even give it to your kids to play!


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