DIY Crochet Granny Pouch

Hello world!

A week ago I have found myself struggling with my bag at the parking lot, trying to dig out car keys while holding two bags in each hand. Sounds messy right? As always, crocheting popped into my mind as a solution to my problem. I needed small, sturdy bag to hold my car keys and change for parking, that will be easy and quickly to find and grab from my bag!


ABOUT the pattern

The pattern is extremely simple. I just made two solid granny squares by exchanging colors every row, then joined them together by single crochet stitch and sew the zipper. Since it is a fairly simple pattern I am only going to provide you instructions, rather than the detailed pattern.

Unlike conventional granny squares which are all worked in double crochet, I’ve decided to work mine in single crochet because it would give them more sturdiness. Bellow you can see the solid granny square pattern which is (with small alterations) basically the same thing as mine so you can use it as a help to build your pouch.


The differences are that I used sc instead of dc, made magic circle instead of foundation chain, started with 8 stitches in the first row instead 12, and did only 2 stitches in ch2 spaces.


How to exchange the color at the end of the row?

When you are making the last sc of the row: with color A on your hook insert the hook into the stitch, pull color A through the stitch (two loops of color A on your hook),  pick up color B and pull through both loops. Now you are starting the new row with new color. This does not apply to the 1st row joint.

PART ONE: Granny squares

Start by making a magic circle with white.

Rnd1: ch1, *2sc, ch2*, repeat from *to* 3 more times. Join to the first sc: insert hook into the st and instead pulling through the white yarn to make a slip stitch, pick up blue, pull through sc an pull through the 2nd chain.

Rnd2: ch1, sc into the first sc, sc in next, sc in ch2 space, ch2, sc in ch2 space, *2sc, sc in ch2 space, ch2, sc in ch2 space*, repeat from *to* 3 more times. Work last sc as described in the NOTE.

Rnd 3-11: Just repeat rnd 2 and make sure you change color in every round. When you come to the end of round 11, slip stitch in the first st of the round and fasten off. Weave in ends.

Repeat one more time  for the second granny.

I suggest blocking the squares after this step.

2016-09-17 13.56.17.jpg

PART TWO: Joining granny squares together

Lay one granny over the other making sure their wrong sides are facing you.  You will connect them on any three sides  by sc stitch.

  1. Pick any corner and slip stich through to connect two squares together.
  2. Now start connecting them by pulling hook through 1st sc of each granny and making a sc, continue in the pattern. This also counts for next two corners – you will be joining them with one sc in each.
  3. When you come to the 4th corner join with slip stitch and fasten off.

To get the best results, make sure that stitches with weaved in ends are connected(hidden) by sc, meaning that they don’t show at the top of the pouch where you will sew it to zipper.

PART THREE: Adding the zipper

Unzip the zipper and with wrong sides facing you, connect it to the edges of the pouch with few pins. Sew the pouch to the zipper using white thread. Here is a great photo tutorial on how to sew a zipper since it’s very hard to explain it using words and I don’t have my own pictures of the process 🙂

And there it is! At the end I’ve decided to give it to my friend as a b-day gift… But that’s okay because now I’m having fun with new pouchy that I will definitely not give to anybody, hopefully 🙂

Anyway, if you are having some questions, thoughts, photos or anything, make sure to post them in the comments bellow. And happy making! 😉


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