Tapestry Crochet Pouch

My blog has been inactive for quite a while now, but I am planning a big comeback! Nothing fancy really, just moving along with my patterns and stuff. This time I’m sharing a quick recipe for my cute-corny-Valentine’s day inspired heart pouch.


  1. First, using beige yarn make a foundation chain of 25 and then sc in EACH loop on the BOTH sides of foundation chain – you should end up with 50sc, 25 on each side.
  2. Now, start working in spiral for seven rows. Fasten off. Cutting your yarn here is optional – I’ve done it this way to get a cleaner look. If I was to simply shift my yarn to new color my first and last stitch wouldn’t be aligned because of working in spiral. Does this make sense? If no, just try it yourself and you’ll see 🙂
  3. Attach orange yarn and keep working in spiral. Note that this is where your heart goes. I will provide a little diagram I made to make things easier. All of heart stitches were worked in back loop only – again, this is  done this way to get a cleaner look, and some texture, too.
  4. After finishing this color block (9 rows in total), fasten off. Join beige again and work for another three rows. Fasten off an weave in all ends.


This is the diagram and it should make things clearer for you. If you are interested, my free diagram drawing software can be downloaded from here.

5. Next, I cut out the lining, sew the zipper to it and then sew the whole thing to the crocheted piece. I used this tutorial to learn how to sew zipper properly because I suck at it.


Have fun making your pouch and if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask and leave your comments. Pouchy can also be found in my Etsy shop if you wish to purchase it rather than making it. Bye for now 🙂




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