Why do I DIY? Well, I think that buying stuff is stupid when you’ve got the chance to build them with your own hands and feel awesome about it afterward!

I’ve been DIY-ing (not sure if this is an official verb) since I was a little girl. The first project that I can remember making was a convertible cardboard Barbie car. It had plastic windshield, steering wheel, seats and big wheels which were stolen from my big brother’s car toy. I got to say, the project was a big success – all of the kids from the neighborhood loved it and even preferred it over some other girl’s expensive shiny, pink, plastic Barbie doll car! I only hope that my car really was as cool as I remember it to be ;D

So, that is how it all kind of started with me and making crafts. Later on I started making vases, recycling old clothes and paper, sewing, crocheting, knitting, painting furniture and so on… And finally, here I am to share all of that stuff with you guys who will, I hope, find it interesting:)

You are free to share the content from this blog, and you are especially free to make your own projects which I would in that case very much love to see!.

Happy making!